Eco-system Careersupport

To achieve ambitious goals, we all need support. That's why Yenza brings you special access to the very best career support services across a variety of areas to help you wherever you may need it.

Eco-system Career support

Why Yenza?

More Choice

Support partners means more options to help you reach your potential.

More Tools

Accelerate your career progression by stacking up tools and services.

More Savings

Put money back in your pocket whilst you advance your career.

Skill Courses

If you want to become a high performance and reach your career goals, then you need to develop specific skills.


Tertiary Support

If you’re looking to apply for Universities across the globe, it’s best to get professionals to support you along the process.

Tertiary Support

Study Guides

If you’re struggling or want to improve your marks in school or prepare for University entrance exams, use study guides to support you.

Study Guides

Mental Health

If you’re struggling with anxiety or not handling stress well, spending the time working on your mental side will help.

Mental Health